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The Maid Connection has been providing superior cleaning services for many years in Drexel Heights, Arizona. The Maid Connection is licensed, bonded, and fully insured to protect our customers. All maids are trained and qualified to provide thorough cleaning. We go above and beyond with our cleaning. We provide our own cleaning supplies and equipment, so our customers can schedule our cleaning services without having to purchase or supply anything. The Maid Connection offers a variety of Drexel Height Cleaning Services.

Cleaning Services Offered in Drexel Heights, Arizona

The Maid Connection provides complete cleaning services that residents in Drexel Heights, Arizona can rely upon. These cleaning services include:

  • Scheduled Maid Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Comprehensive Apartment or House Cleaning Services
  • Move In and Move Out Cleaning
  • By Appointment Maid Service
  • On Call Cleaning Service
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Service
  • One Time Housekeeping
  • And so much more…

The Maid Connection provides house cleaning services throughout Drexel Heights, Arizona. We provide each customer with a 100% customer satisfaction with each cleaning service.

Drexel Heights, Arizona

Call The Maid Connection for Drexel Heights House CleaningDrexel Heights, Arizona is named after Francis Anthony Drexel, who is the father of Saint Katharine Drexel. Saint Katharine Drexel established missions across the nation for Native Americans and African Americans, while her Father owned property in the city in the late nineteen century. The population of Drexel Heights, Arizona is 23, 849. Drexel Heights is known for having numerous Saguaro cactus throughout the city. The Tucson Mountain Park is on the edge of the city, and provides an amazing scenic view for residents and visitors. Drexel Heights is a great city to do a variety of activities, and a relaxing atmosphere.

The Maid Connection are the house cleaning specialists that Drexel Heights, Arizona residents can rely upon for all their cleaning needs. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service for your residence.

05Nov 2015

We have been doing a regular Drexel Heights house cleaning for a mother of four was really looking forward to this school year. Her youngest child would be starting school, and this would leave the mother with what she thought would be more time on her hands. It didn’t seem to work out this way, however, as all of her other kids were full time students. She was constantly inundated with keeping track of homework and extra-curricular activities, so the extra time that she thought she had quickly disappeared. She has less time now. She was running each and every direction taking one of her kids to baseball practice, or one to dancing lessons. Once she had helped them all with homework and made dinner she was just about exhausted. She noticed quickly that she has no time to keep up on her housework.

Her husband suggested that she call The Maid Connection for reliable and quick Drexel Heights house cleaning services, and was thrilled to find out that they offer once a week cleaning. She scheduled The Maid Connection to start the house cleaning, and after the first cleaning she was overjoyed. She said her home had never been that clean in months. The Maid Connection is now scheduled to clean her home every week, which is perfect because when she gets home in the evenings and now has time to enjoy a nice hot bath once in a while. The mother has a clean home and her children and husband are happier, because she can spend some quality time with them now thanks to The Maid Connection. They are the house cleaning Drexel Heights moms can appreciate. They offer affordable prices, and outstanding cleaning service that you can only get from a professional house cleaning service company.

01Oct 2015

A short time ago, The Maid Connection received a call from a busy mother. The family of eight lived in Drexel Heights, and the mom was starting to have a lot of trouble keeping up with all of her six children’s after school activities and extra-curricular (not to mention their busy social lives, and trying to maintain her own!) The mom also held down a full time job, and she had to make sure that along with all the activities that her children were involved with she still had to prepare dinner for her husband and family, do the laundry, and try to keep the house clean. All of the demands that were put on her was starting to get to her, and she decided it would provide a lot of overall happiness to the household if she called The Maid Connection for a monthly maid service Drexel Heights area moms had recommended to her.

The Maid Connection met with the customer at her home, so she could show us exactly what she wanted cleaned at her home, and so we could give her an accurate price. She wanted monthly cleaning service provided to relieve some of her cleaning duties and free up some time for herself. After just the first cleaning she was pleased with the thoroughness our team had provided, and now with just a once a month service she is able to do much more for her family, and herself.