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If you are planning on moving in a new house, then the last thing you want to do is clean the new house, then clean the house that you are moving out of, so you can get your deposit returned. The residents in Oro Valley, Arizona need a trustworthy and reliable cleaning service that provides move in and move out cleaning, and residents can depend upon The Maid Connection for all their house cleaning services. The Maid Connection has been providing superior house cleaning service in Oro Valleyfor many years. The Maid Connection provides trained and qualified maid that are fully licensed, bonded, and insured. We thrive on going above and beyond with our cleaning services. The Maid Connection does that extra cleaning that our competitors refuse to do, or charges extra for. The Maid Connection has a wide variety of cleaning services to meet the needs of Oro Valley residents.

Cleaning Services Offered in Oro Valley, Arizona

The Maid Connection offers these house cleaning services in Oro Valley, Arizona:

  • Scheduled Maid Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • One-time Housekeeping
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Services
  • On-call Cleaning Service
  • By-Appointment Maid Service
  • Move In and Move Out Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Apartment or House Cleaning Services
  • And so much more…

Oro Valley, ArizonaThe Maid connection is the number one choice for Oro Valley cleaning services

Oro Valley, Arizona is nine miles from Tucson. The population of Oro Valley is 41,011. The nickname for the city is “OV”. The city was founded in 1974, and is situated in the foothills of the Santa Catalina Mountains. Many of the homes in Oro Valley, Arizona is a winter or second home for residents. A few sites of interest in Oro Valley include the Catalina State Park, which offers hiking and backpacking trails, along with camping. The Honey Bee Village in Oro Valley is exciting to visit. The Honey Bee Village is a Native American Hohokam village at the base of the Tortolita Mountains. The village began in the 500 AD, and the ruins are now a historic location preserved by the city. Oro Valley, Arizona is a beautiful city that has breathtaking views.

The Maid Connection is the professional cleaning service provider that Oro Valley, Arizona residents call for all their cleaning needs. We have the experience and dedication it takes to provide the upmost cleaning available. Contact The Maid Connection today and schedule a personal cleaning service today!

28Mar 2016

An internet engineer recently had gotten a new job with a company that required him to travel to various places throughout the state. Since he spent less and less time at home he decided to call The Maid Connection for our cleaning services in Oro Valley. He told us to make sure no food would spoil and stink up the place, and was glad to have peace of mind that his home was being looked after by professionals.

The Maid Connection let the homeowner know that his home would be in good hands, because we are indeed the professional cleaning services Oro Valley professionals contact for all their cleaning needs. The team went to the Oro Valley home and started the first cleaning. The team made sure that no only did they remove all the food that was left in dishes to dispose of it, then the team washed all the dishes, then took the trash out, so there would be no spoilage occurring in the home. The engineer contacted us a few weeks later to let us know he returned home and his house looks great. He said sometimes he is only home long enough to cook something to eat, shower, then head back out of town and was thankful that The Maid Connection provided him with outstanding cleaning services in Oro Valley. Every time he returned home the place was clean and sparkling, which was what he needed to have happen.

28Dec 2015

Recently, the Maid Connection received a call from a graphic designer and avid rock climber. This person had taken a bad fall and was bedridden for several days. He was working from home and making a huge mess with no effective way of cleaning up after himself. He called the best Oro Valley housekeeping service available and The Maid Connection did their best to give the recovering athlete the ability to live free from squalor.

The Maid Connection team arrived at the home and thoroughly cleaned the customer’s house. The house had quite a bit of mess due to the customer’s inability to clean. The customer apologized over and over about the mess, but our team let him know that there is no need to apologize because that is our job to clean for him. The customer was so appreciative that he said he would keep up the services until even he is fully back to full health and ability. He said he may just go ahead and have the Maid Connection do all his cleaning because we were the expert housekeeping company in Oro Valley. The customer said that his home had never been this clean before. He said that he couldn’t believe how in depth the cleaning was that our team had provided. He said at first he was in doubt that any cleaning company could provide the type of housekeeping that he was looking for, but The Maid Connection did that and more for him.

03Dec 2015

An Oro Valley student had been studying relentlessly for his finals for all his classes. His main focus was getting an excellent grade because he was on a full scholarship, and he couldn’t afford to lose his scholarship. This made studying his main priority at the moment. With all the studying that he was doing his apartment was starting to get quite messy, and he really needed to keep his apartment clean so he could keep his mind focused on his studies. He decided that his best thing to do was to call The Maid Connection for excellent house cleaning in Oro Valley.

The cleaning team at The Maid Connection arrived at the apartment in the morning that he asked us to, because this was the time he would be at class. The team went through the apartment and got it sparkling clean. The student came home from class, and was ecstatic with the clean apartment that he just walked into. The regular cleaning helped him succeed and get great grades that semester, and for the next ones that followed, because he could stay focused on what was important to him instead of worrying about cleaning his apartment. His fellow students have been coming by to study with him, and asked him how his apartment got to be so clean. He told his friends how he had hired the expert house cleaning company in Oro Valley, The Maid Connection. He told them they could have their apartments in the same shape too, by just making a simple phone call.

19Nov 2015

Recently, we were contacted by an Oro Valley teacher. The Oro Valley teacher started a second job tutoring students after work. He was so well liked that he was able to fully book himself for a few hours during half of the week, because parents were seeing major improvements in their children’s school work. He was happy that he was well liked and thought of as a good teacher, but this left him with a lot less spare time. He was way too busy to clean, but he also had a little extra cash to splurge. He used some of it to finally hire the Maid Connection for the best cleaning service Oro Valley has.

We were set up to clean the teacher’s home on Friday, because this would allow him to have a nice clean home for the weekend when he was off from teaching school and tutoring. He would be able to do outdoor activities now, because he didn’t have to clean. The Maid Connection team cleaned his home in a way that the teacher had never really done. He was so glad to receive the cleaning services provided by The Maid Connection, and he said that he never plans on doing the cleaning himself again. He said the cleaning that The Maid Connection provides is outstanding, and the price is really affordable. He is so thrilled with the cleaning services that now he has been considering hosting a small gathering since it his home is always so clean and neat.

21Oct 2015

An Oro Valley couple was moving into a new house after having a new baby. They had lived together for several years so they had accumulated lots of stuff, and so they decided to throw a garage sale party to get rid of some of their stuff (and to also make a few bucks too). They had their garage sale party, then after the garage sale party there was quite of mess due to everyone going through all the items they had, so they called The Maid Connection for the best cleaning service Oro Valley homeowners could trust to do a great job.

The Maid Connection came out to the home and did a one-time cleaning service for the couple. The Maid Connection cleaning team cleaned the home so thoroughly that they were able to leave a clean home for the people that they sold their house to, and the couple had one less thing to worry about with the new house move approaching. They got rid of a ton of stuff and made some extra money too. The two were so captivated with the cleaning services that The Maid Connection provided for them that they are telling their family and friends who need to treat themselves to something special to hire The Maid Connection. The Maid Connection provides one-time cleaning or move-in or move-out cleaning services to make life a little simpler for families.