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When residents in Rillito, Arizona plan an event or party at their home, they would like to be as clean as can be. Those residents need a professional Rillito house cleaning company that can do a consistently great job regardless of the specifics. The Maid Connection has experience and dedication in customized plans for house cleaning services. The Maid Connection’s account managers can discuss any of a client’s needs from a single cleaning to weekly scheduled visits from the same two-person team of cleaners. We are happy to go that extra mile with our work. The Maid Connection provides weekly, biweekly, one time cleaning, and many other cleaning services in Rillito, Arizona.

Cleaning Services Offered in Rillito, Arizona

The Maid Connection offers house cleaning services in Rillito, Arizona, which include:

  • Comprehensive Apartment and/or House Cleaning Services
  • Scheduled Maid Services
  • Move in and Move out Cleaning Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Services
  • On Call Cleaning Services
  • By Appointment Maid Services
  • And so much more…

No matter what your house cleaning needs are in Rillito, Arizona, The Maid Connection is here to fulfill your house cleaning requirements. The Maid Connection backs all house cleaning with a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee.

Rillito, ArizonaThe Maid Connection can do cleaning requests and are on call for move out cleaning or standard housekeeping

Rillito, Arizona is a very small community with a population of only 148. Rillito, Arizona is unincorporated, and the town is surrounded by Marana, Arizona. The post office in Rillito was built in the 1920’s, and is still being used today. In the center of town visitors can visit the Rillito Vista Community Center where they can enjoy a variety of fun activities. If you would rather just enjoy a cup of coffee and take in the scenery, then head downtown to Main Street where you can dine at the local diner. Rillito, Arizona is a small community with a welcoming ambience.

The Maid Connection is the house cleaning service provider that residents in Rillito, Arizona can rely on for all their house cleaning needs. The Maid Connection can get your home sanitized and clean. Contact us today to schedule a cleaning service.

14Mar 2016

One of our customers unfortunately injured themselves horseback riding. Since his mobility was severely limited, he called The Maid Connection to set up Rillito housekeeping services. We met with the homeowner for the first visit so we could walk through his home and take notes on the areas inside the house that needed attention. We did this so that we could provide the best housecleaning services possible. The home was a single family sized home, and the homeowner wanted each room cleaned with special attention given to the kitchen. He wanted us to start these services first thing Monday morning.

The Maid Connection team arrived Monday morning and started cleaning. The team cleaned and sanitized each room, and the homeowner was pleased with the first cleaning. The team returned the following week and he liked that the same crew came each week, because he said they were friendly and helped him feel a little less lonely while he was cooped up and recovering. The homeowner is recovering quite nicely and told the team that he plans on getting back to his horses as soon as possible, but one thing he is not going to do is stop having service from the best housekeeping in Rillito. Homeowners like him feel at ease with us and trust us to do a great job every time. We supply all of the cleaning materials and equipment we need because we are the best professional cleaners in the housekeeping business in Rillito.

14Oct 2015

A successful Rillito freelance artist had finally started getting a ton of work. Since she was working from home all the time, but she realized that she was making a double mess from using the space as both an office and a home. With her work doubling up, and more clients contacting her weekly to do paintings for them she just didn’t have the time to do any cleaning. She noticed that her home was starting to pile up and was becoming quite a mess. She didn’t want her clients seeing her home and office in this kind of condition, because that would leave a bad impression on them. She decided to get a weekly house cleaning Rillito telecommuters could count on to keep their home space clean and mess-free, and then she contacted the Maid Connection.

The Maid Connection cleaning team met with the artist at her home, and she showed us that her home was actually her office to. She wanted the home to be clean and presentable, so she operate as a true professional. We made a list of the cleaning preferences she wanted done, and went to the home each week to provide the house cleaning services. Now that she has hired the Maid Connection for her house cleaning she can now work without distractions, without any problems, and her home and office is professional looking and clean thanks to the friendly service from the Maid Connection and the reliable team that shows up each week.