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The Maid Connection offers the most reliable and trustworthy house cleaning Tucson residents can find anywhere. Many of the people in Tucson work forty hours or more, and just don’t have the time to keep up on their housework. This is why the residents in Tucson, Arizona gladly rely on The Maid Connection to keep their homes, apartments, and condos cleaned and sanitized. The Maid Connection stands by their motto, “Trustworthy, Pleasant, and Affordable,” because we treat each residence as if it were our own. We provide customized cleaning services to meet everyone’s needs. we offer a 100% customer satisfaction guarantee with each cleaning service provided.

Cleaning Services Offered in Tucson, Arizona

The Maid Connection offers cleaning services that Tucson, Arizona can rely on. These services include:

  • Scheduled Maid Services
  • House Cleaning Services
  • One-Time Housekeeping
  • Vacation Rental Cleaning Services
  • On-Call Cleaning Services
  • By-Appointment Maid Services
  • Move In and Move Out Cleaning
  • Comprehensive Apartment or House Cleaning Services
  • And so much more…

Tucson, Arizona

Tucson is a city that knows quality cleaning service, and that's why they call The Maid Connection.Tucson is the second largest populated city in Arizona with a population of 520,116. The University of Arizona is located in Tucson. Tucson’s nickname is “The Old Pueblo”. Tucson offers something for everyone. There are over 120 parks in the city, which include the Reid Park Zoo, Tucson Botanical Gardens, and the Saguaro National Park. Visitors can enjoy the beauty of the city at any of the parks throughout the city. Mt. Lemmon is located just above Tucson, and provides hiking, camping, fishing, skiing, sky rides, and much more. This is an excellent place that offers activities year-round. Central Tucson is one of the oldest sections of the city, and provides shopping, nightlife, and delicious dining. Anywhere through Tucson is something to see and do.

The Maid Connection is the cleaning service specialists that residents can rely on for all their cleaning needs. The Maid Connection can clean your residence once a week, biweekly, or do a one-time cleaning. Contact The Maid Connection and let us schedule a house cleaning service for you today.

07Mar 2016

A month ago, The Maid Connection was contacted by a mother who was very concerned about her daughter’s college roommates. The mother told us that the roommates were extremely messy, and she thought all the clutter would distract her daughter from her studies. The mother didn’t want her daughter to take time away from her studies to clean up after her friends, so she called The Maid Connection to set up Tucson house cleaning services at least once a week to make sure their house was kept clean.

We let the concerned parent know that we would make sure the home was clean with our weekly house cleaning services in Tucson. We told her she wasn’t the first mom to call to have us do cleaning for college students. The Maid Connection team arrived on the day scheduled for the first week of house cleaning and they cleaned each room from top to bottom. We returned again the following week and did the same thorough cleaning. The parent called us after the second scheduled cleaning just to thank us for making sure her daughter’s home was spotless. She said her daughter and the roommates can fully focus on their school work, because their home is always cleaned. They all thanked the mom for hiring the best house cleaning Tucson parents and students could rely upon for professional house cleaning. The girls are celebrating their great grades by throwing a party, because they know that The Maid Connection will be there to tidy the place up for them.

29Feb 2016

A business owner had started getting extremely busy once one of his products launched. He needed excellent house cleaning in Tucson, because he was way too busy managing production and distribution to do anything but sleep and eat occasionally at his home. He had no idea who to contact for professional house cleaning in Tucson, so he asked a few of his close friends who all recommended The Maid Connection.

The Maid Connection team arrived at his home on the first scheduled cleaning and cleaned the home from top to bottom. The customer arrived home that afternoon and was highly impressed with the cleaning that was performed at his home. The Maid Connection was able to take care of all of his needs, while putting him at ease after he noticed the same crew consistently arriving to do the house cleaning. The customer liked that the same crew arrived at his home to do the cleaning, because he didn’t want different people cleaning the home each time since he was having his home cleaned every two weeks. He felt more connected to the same crew, and they have quickly noticed what areas of his home needed a bit more added attention and this pleased the business owner. He said he was glad that he called the best house cleaning company in Tucson, The Maid Connection. We did a thorough job, they supplied the cleaning supplies, and the price was very affordable.

15Feb 2016

A timeshare owner was moving and knew they wouldn’t be around to enjoy their getaway space, so they wanted to turn the place into a vacation rental that he could offer to guests. The timeshare owner wanted to do this as soon as he could, but before he could move forward on this plan he needed to find professional Tucson house cleaners, so he called The Maid Connection.

We met with the owner and he walked us through his place. He was relieved that we would be able to provide him with a regular cleaning service and we even let him know that we would be able to even restock certain items for their vacation rental, so when guests would arrive all the items that the guests would need would be available for them too. The customer was thrilled with the news that we provided for him and he set up a cleaning schedule. He also said that he would contact us after each guests would leave the vacation rental, so we could clean it and get it ready for the next guest’s arrival. The Maid Connection has been the house cleaners for this Tucson customer for several weeks and he called us two days ago to let us know that each guest that has rented the property has let him know how clean and sanitized the property was for them. The customer said that he is thrilled hired the best house cleaners in Tucson, The Maid Connection.

08Feb 2016

Recently, The Maid Connection was contacted by a condo owner. The condo owner called us to perform our Tucson cleaning service after a football party to make sure that the job was done right. Our team arrived at the condo and gave the owner an estimate, which he quickly agreed to and asked us to start as soon as possible. The team started cleaning the condo. Our cleaners did each and every room and even gave special attention to the stove, refrigerator, and both bathrooms.

Once the condo was cleaned the customer walked through and was so glad he called us, because we were able to do the job much more quickly and effectively. The customer was so impressed with our cleaning service that he decided that anytime a condo needed cleaned that he would only contact The Maid Connection. He said that The Maid Connection is the only cleaning service company in Tucson that does cleans thoroughly. The customer said that he was even impressed that the windows and window sills were even cleaned and that there wasn’t an area in the condo that our team didn’t clean, which is rare nowadays. The customer said he would tell all the condo owners in his community about the wonderful cleaning services that we provided and if they needed the best cleaning service in Tucson, then to call The Maid Connection, and they would not be disappointed, because we arrive on time, affordable, and we do an effective cleaning.

01Feb 2016

A Tucson man decided to have a big garage sale. He soon realized that he had tons of junk alongside lots of valuable stuff. The man started going through all the stuff and the whole process left a lot of mess and disorganization, so he called the Maid Connection for the house keeping in Tucson that they offered. The homeowner informed the Maid Connection that when his home was in such a mess it made him cranky and depressed. He said he was just trying to get rid of some junk and stuff when quickly his home turned into a crazy mess.

The Maid Connection team let the homeowner know that we don’t mind a mess and we would soon have his home clean and organized within no time at all. The team arrived at the home and they started on one room, then moved onto the next room until the entire home was clean. Our team was able to help him out and he was very grateful once we were finished. The man walked through the home and thanked the team for doing such a great job. He said he had his garage sale and it was a big success and he won’t ever let his home accumulate so much debris again in the future. The man said that he would be using our services in the future, because we provided him with a superb job. He said the Maid Connection is the house keeping professionals Tucson residents should call.

18Jan 2016

The Maid Connection was contacted by a professional recruiter in Tucson. The busy professional recruiter had received a promotion that caused him to start traveling frequently. He anticipated the promotions, but regretted being away from home so much. He was only home for a few days on end, so he decided to call the Maid Connection to establish Tucson cleaning service that could be scheduled according to his needs.

The Maid Connection met with the homeowner and he showed the team his home. He showed them what he wanted to be cleaned and what was really important to him. The Maid Connection let him know that we could work around his busy schedule and anytime he is ready to have his home cleaned, then our team would be out and have it done before he returned home, which delighted the homeowner. He set up the cleaning service and now every time he comes home he is greeted by the comfort of a nice tidy home. The customer was highly impressed with how the home looked. Everything was clean and the house smelled wonderful. The homeowner can move on with his busy career and he doesn’t have to worry about coming home and tending to household chores, because he contacted the Maid Connection who provides him with a quality cleaning service Tucson professionals can truly appreciate. The homeowner just gives the Maid Connection a call and our team goes out and cleans his home.

11Jan 2016

A Tucson holiday party was held recently. The party had lots of food being prepared by the hosts. The hosts not only prepared the food, but they also contacted The Maid Connection to make sure they scheduled their regular Tucson house cleaning for the day after the party. The hosts have had parties in the pasts and they know that sometimes a few of their guests can get to having a good time and accidents generally happen with spilled drinks and foods, so the hosts can focus on sending their guests ‘thank you’ cards for attending their party, because The Maid Connection will take care of the mess.

The party was a huge success. All the guests enjoyed the food and party favors that the couple had provided. Each guest asked the couple when they would be holding another party, which would be sooner than later, because the cleaning team from The Maid Connection was able to get the house in great condition quickly and easily. It was amazing how efficient The Maid Connection team did the house cleaning. The hosts let everyone that attended their party to let loose and have fun, because they have hired the best house cleaning Tucson homeowners can depend on, and that was with The Maid Connection. When you don’t have to worry about cleaning a big mess after a successful party, then you are truly fortunate and all the thanks goes to The Maid Connection in Tucson.

04Jan 2016

A Star Wars fanatic had a huge  party for all his friends. He loved having parties and this was one of his favorite times to throw a party, because he got to dress up as one of his favorite characters from the Star Wars movies. When he was finished with his party there was a lot of silly string and leftover food and drinks that were all over the place. He knew that there was no way he could quickly get the house back into shape on his own, so he called his regular Tucson housekeeping company, The Maid Connection, to come and help him with the cleanup.

The Maid Connection crew arrived at the home and started cleaning up all of the trash from the party. The crew was able to have the house completely cleaned and back into shape within just a few hours. The crew removed all the trash, cleaned, and even removed the spots from drinks that was spilled on the carpets. The customer said he was so thankful that he had the best housekeeping company in Tucson because we did a fantastic job. The Maid Connection was able to take care of all of his needs with our house cleaning services that he knew he could depend upon. The customer told the crew that he will continue having parties for his friends, because he could count on The Maid Connection to come in and get the place clean with our outstanding housekeeping services.

21Dec 2015

A psychology researcher was becoming very busy as the academic year progressed. He was so busy that he knew that to keep his house clean also meant that they would be more productive with writing and studying that was involved in the research process. He decided to call the best service for house keeping Tucson could provide, which was the Maid Connection.

The Maid Connection let the researcher know that we could keep his home spic and span and he wouldn’t have to worry about keeping his house clean, which would allow him to focus on his research and studying. We met with the customer so he could show us around his home and let us know what type of cleaning that he would like to have done. We let him know that the Maid Connection does all cleaning and that includes windows, the oven, and all the difficult cleaning projects that nobody wants to do. The customer was thrilled and asked us to do a weekly cleaning and that would allow him to be committed to his research one hundred percent. The Maid Connection showed up on the day that the customer requested and we thoroughly cleaned his home. When the customer returned home he was greeted with a nice fresh scent of a clean home. He said to his friend that he was so glad that he called the best house keeping services in Tucson because the Maid Connection did such an amazing job for him.

10Dec 2015

A vacation rental leasing agent had his own professional team of cleaners on staff clean his vacation properties. He was put in a bind recently when two of his employees called in sick. They were unable to work and do any of the cleaning, so the agent was wondering what he would do, because he had clients coming in soon to use the rental properties and they had to be cleaned thoroughly. He called The Maid Connection for its excellent cleaning service in Tucson, which he learned of by just asking friends and other business associates.

The Maid Connection assured the customer that we could get his properties cleaned for him, so he would them ready for his clients. The Maid Connection team arrived at the first location, and cleaned it from top to bottom, then started on the next one until all of the properties were completely ready for paying guests. Our customer was very impressed with how fast such a large number of properties were cleaned by the team, and the quality of work was outstanding. The customer said he was thankful that The Maid Connection could do the cleaning service that his own team was unable to do. He said if he is ever in a pinch again he knows who to contact for the fastest and most effective cleaning service in Tucson, Arizona. We were very happy to do what we do best and demonstrate our ability in situations that aren’t quite as common as a typical house cleaning.