We have been doing a regular Drexel Heights house cleaning for a mother of four was really looking forward to this school year. Her youngest child would be starting school, and this would leave the mother with what she thought would be more time on her hands. It didn’t seem to work out this way, however, as all of her other kids were full time students. She was constantly inundated with keeping track of homework and extra-curricular activities, so the extra time that she thought she had quickly disappeared. She has less time now. She was running each and every direction taking one of her kids to baseball practice, or one to dancing lessons. Once she had helped them all with homework and made dinner she was just about exhausted. She noticed quickly that she has no time to keep up on her housework.

Her husband suggested that she call The Maid Connection for reliable and quick Drexel Heights house cleaning services, and was thrilled to find out that they offer once a week cleaning. She scheduled The Maid Connection to start the house cleaning, and after the first cleaning she was overjoyed. She said her home had never been that clean in months. The Maid Connection is now scheduled to clean her home every week, which is perfect because when she gets home in the evenings and now has time to enjoy a nice hot bath once in a while. The mother has a clean home and her children and husband are happier, because she can spend some quality time with them now thanks to The Maid Connection. They are the house cleaning Drexel Heights moms can appreciate. They offer affordable prices, and outstanding cleaning service that you can only get from a professional house cleaning service company.