Recently The Maid Connection received a call from a couple in Marana. The couple had decided to throw a Super bowl party and thought their home could use a bit of a deep clean before their guests arrived. To make a good impression they called the best house cleaners in Marana – The Maid Connection – to do a great job getting the house in ship shape.

Our professional house cleaners arrived at the Marana home and the couple walked us through the home and told us what they wanted to have done. The couple wanted their home to look and smell fantastic for their guests. They were heading out to do some errands and let the team to go ahead and start the cleaning. The team done all the cleaning and then some. When the homeowners returned they said the home smelled clean. The lady of the house went into the kitchen and said that we did an outstanding job, because we cleaned every inch of the kitchen including the microwave, stove, and window sills. The Maid Connection must have made a good impression on the couple, because they called us back a few days later to ask us to do a bi-weekly cleaning for them. The homeowners said that they both work full time jobs and had never hired professional house cleaners before in the past, but our team did such a great job that they wanted to have their home looking this good all the time because we are the Marana house cleaners to trust.