An Oro Valley couple was moving into a new house after having a new baby. They had lived together for several years so they had accumulated lots of stuff, and so they decided to throw a garage sale party to get rid of some of their stuff (and to also make a few bucks too). They had their garage sale party, then after the garage sale party there was quite of mess due to everyone going through all the items they had, so they called The Maid Connection for the best cleaning service Oro Valley homeowners could trust to do a great job.

The Maid Connection came out to the home and did a one-time cleaning service for the couple. The Maid Connection cleaning team cleaned the home so thoroughly that they were able to leave a clean home for the people that they sold their house to, and the couple had one less thing to worry about with the new house move approaching. They got rid of a ton of stuff and made some extra money too. The two were so captivated with the cleaning services that The Maid Connection provided for them that they are telling their family and friends who need to treat themselves to something special to hire The Maid Connection. The Maid Connection provides one-time cleaning or move-in or move-out cleaning services to make life a little simpler for families.