Recently, we were contacted by an Oro Valley teacher. The Oro Valley teacher started a second job tutoring students after work. He was so well liked that he was able to fully book himself for a few hours during half of the week, because parents were seeing major improvements in their children’s school work. He was happy that he was well liked and thought of as a good teacher, but this left him with a lot less spare time. He was way too busy to clean, but he also had a little extra cash to splurge. He used some of it to finally hire the Maid Connection for the best cleaning service Oro Valley has.

We were set up to clean the teacher’s home on Friday, because this would allow him to have a nice clean home for the weekend when he was off from teaching school and tutoring. He would be able to do outdoor activities now, because he didn’t have to clean. The Maid Connection team cleaned his home in a way that the teacher had never really done. He was so glad to receive the cleaning services provided by The Maid Connection, and he said that he never plans on doing the cleaning himself again. He said the cleaning that The Maid Connection provides is outstanding, and the price is really affordable. He is so thrilled with the cleaning services that now he has been considering hosting a small gathering since it his home is always so clean and neat.