An internet engineer recently had gotten a new job with a company that required him to travel to various places throughout the state. Since he spent less and less time at home he decided to call The Maid Connection for our cleaning services in Oro Valley. He told us to make sure no food would spoil and stink up the place, and was glad to have peace of mind that his home was being looked after by professionals.

The Maid Connection let the homeowner know that his home would be in good hands, because we are indeed the professional cleaning services Oro Valley professionals contact for all their cleaning needs. The team went to the Oro Valley home and started the first cleaning. The team made sure that no only did they remove all the food that was left in dishes to dispose of it, then the team washed all the dishes, then took the trash out, so there would be no spoilage occurring in the home. The engineer contacted us a few weeks later to let us know he returned home and his house looks great. He said sometimes he is only home long enough to cook something to eat, shower, then head back out of town and was thankful that The Maid Connection provided him with outstanding cleaning services in Oro Valley. Every time he returned home the place was clean and sparkling, which was what he needed to have happen.