Recently, the Maid Connection received a call from a graphic designer and avid rock climber. This person had taken a bad fall and was bedridden for several days. He was working from home and making a huge mess with no effective way of cleaning up after himself. He called the best Oro Valley housekeeping service available and The Maid Connection did their best to give the recovering athlete the ability to live free from squalor.

The Maid Connection team arrived at the home and thoroughly cleaned the customer’s house. The house had quite a bit of mess due to the customer’s inability to clean. The customer apologized over and over about the mess, but our team let him know that there is no need to apologize because that is our job to clean for him. The customer was so appreciative that he said he would keep up the services until even he is fully back to full health and ability. He said he may just go ahead and have the Maid Connection do all his cleaning because we were the expert housekeeping company in Oro Valley. The customer said that his home had never been this clean before. He said that he couldn’t believe how in depth the cleaning was that our team had provided. He said at first he was in doubt that any cleaning company could provide the type of housekeeping that he was looking for, but The Maid Connection did that and more for him.