One of our customers unfortunately injured themselves horseback riding. Since his mobility was severely limited, he called The Maid Connection to set up Rillito housekeeping services. We met with the homeowner for the first visit so we could walk through his home and take notes on the areas inside the house that needed attention. We did this so that we could provide the best housecleaning services possible. The home was a single family sized home, and the homeowner wanted each room cleaned with special attention given to the kitchen. He wanted us to start these services first thing Monday morning.

The Maid Connection team arrived Monday morning and started cleaning. The team cleaned and sanitized each room, and the homeowner was pleased with the first cleaning. The team returned the following week and he liked that the same crew came each week, because he said they were friendly and helped him feel a little less lonely while he was cooped up and recovering. The homeowner is recovering quite nicely and told the team that he plans on getting back to his horses as soon as possible, but one thing he is not going to do is stop having service from the best housekeeping in Rillito. Homeowners like him feel at ease with us and trust us to do a great job every time. We supply all of the cleaning materials and equipment we need because we are the best professional cleaners in the housekeeping business in Rillito.