A successful Rillito freelance artist had finally started getting a ton of work. Since she was working from home all the time, but she realized that she was making a double mess from using the space as both an office and a home. With her work doubling up, and more clients contacting her weekly to do paintings for them she just didn’t have the time to do any cleaning. She noticed that her home was starting to pile up and was becoming quite a mess. She didn’t want her clients seeing her home and office in this kind of condition, because that would leave a bad impression on them. She decided to get a weekly house cleaning Rillito telecommuters could count on to keep their home space clean and mess-free, and then she contacted the Maid Connection.

The Maid Connection cleaning team met with the artist at her home, and she showed us that her home was actually her office to. She wanted the home to be clean and presentable, so she operate as a true professional. We made a list of the cleaning preferences she wanted done, and went to the home each week to provide the house cleaning services. Now that she has hired the Maid Connection for her house cleaning she can now work without distractions, without any problems, and her home and office is professional looking and clean thanks to the friendly service from the Maid Connection and the reliable team that shows up each week.