The Maid Connection was contacted by a professional recruiter in Tucson. The busy professional recruiter had received a promotion that caused him to start traveling frequently. He anticipated the promotions, but regretted being away from home so much. He was only home for a few days on end, so he decided to call the Maid Connection to establish Tucson cleaning service that could be scheduled according to his needs.

The Maid Connection met with the homeowner and he showed the team his home. He showed them what he wanted to be cleaned and what was really important to him. The Maid Connection let him know that we could work around his busy schedule and anytime he is ready to have his home cleaned, then our team would be out and have it done before he returned home, which delighted the homeowner. He set up the cleaning service and now every time he comes home he is greeted by the comfort of a nice tidy home. The customer was highly impressed with how the home looked. Everything was clean and the house smelled wonderful. The homeowner can move on with his busy career and he doesn’t have to worry about coming home and tending to household chores, because he contacted the Maid Connection who provides him with a quality cleaning service Tucson professionals can truly appreciate. The homeowner just gives the Maid Connection a call and our team goes out and cleans his home.