A business owner had started getting extremely busy once one of his products launched. He needed excellent house cleaning in Tucson, because he was way too busy managing production and distribution to do anything but sleep and eat occasionally at his home. He had no idea who to contact for professional house cleaning in Tucson, so he asked a few of his close friends who all recommended The Maid Connection.

The Maid Connection team arrived at his home on the first scheduled cleaning and cleaned the home from top to bottom. The customer arrived home that afternoon and was highly impressed with the cleaning that was performed at his home. The Maid Connection was able to take care of all of his needs, while putting him at ease after he noticed the same crew consistently arriving to do the house cleaning. The customer liked that the same crew arrived at his home to do the cleaning, because he didn’t want different people cleaning the home each time since he was having his home cleaned every two weeks. He felt more connected to the same crew, and they have quickly noticed what areas of his home needed a bit more added attention and this pleased the business owner. He said he was glad that he called the best house cleaning company in Tucson, The Maid Connection. We did a thorough job, they supplied the cleaning supplies, and the price was very affordable.