A timeshare owner was moving and knew they wouldn’t be around to enjoy their getaway space, so they wanted to turn the place into a vacation rental that he could offer to guests. The timeshare owner wanted to do this as soon as he could, but before he could move forward on this plan he needed to find professional Tucson house cleaners, so he called The Maid Connection.

We met with the owner and he walked us through his place. He was relieved that we would be able to provide him with a regular cleaning service and we even let him know that we would be able to even restock certain items for their vacation rental, so when guests would arrive all the items that the guests would need would be available for them too. The customer was thrilled with the news that we provided for him and he set up a cleaning schedule. He also said that he would contact us after each guests would leave the vacation rental, so we could clean it and get it ready for the next guest’s arrival. The Maid Connection has been the house cleaners for this Tucson customer for several weeks and he called us two days ago to let us know that each guest that has rented the property has let him know how clean and sanitized the property was for them. The customer said that he is thrilled hired the best house cleaners in Tucson, The Maid Connection.