Recently, The Maid Connection was contacted by a condo owner. The condo owner called us to perform our Tucson cleaning service after a football party to make sure that the job was done right. Our team arrived at the condo and gave the owner an estimate, which he quickly agreed to and asked us to start as soon as possible. The team started cleaning the condo. Our cleaners did each and every room and even gave special attention to the stove, refrigerator, and both bathrooms.

Once the condo was cleaned the customer walked through and was so glad he called us, because we were able to do the job much more quickly and effectively. The customer was so impressed with our cleaning service that he decided that anytime a condo needed cleaned that he would only contact The Maid Connection. He said that The Maid Connection is the only cleaning service company in Tucson that does cleans thoroughly. The customer said that he was even impressed that the windows and window sills were even cleaned and that there wasn’t an area in the condo that our team didn’t clean, which is rare nowadays. The customer said he would tell all the condo owners in his community about the wonderful cleaning services that we provided and if they needed the best cleaning service in Tucson, then to call The Maid Connection, and they would not be disappointed, because we arrive on time, affordable, and we do an effective cleaning.