A month ago, The Maid Connection was contacted by a mother who was very concerned about her daughter’s college roommates. The mother told us that the roommates were extremely messy, and she thought all the clutter would distract her daughter from her studies. The mother didn’t want her daughter to take time away from her studies to clean up after her friends, so she called The Maid Connection to set up Tucson house cleaning services at least once a week to make sure their house was kept clean.

We let the concerned parent know that we would make sure the home was clean with our weekly house cleaning services in Tucson. We told her she wasn’t the first mom to call to have us do cleaning for college students. The Maid Connection team arrived on the day scheduled for the first week of house cleaning and they cleaned each room from top to bottom. We returned again the following week and did the same thorough cleaning. The parent called us after the second scheduled cleaning just to thank us for making sure her daughter’s home was spotless. She said her daughter and the roommates can fully focus on their school work, because their home is always cleaned. They all thanked the mom for hiring the best house cleaning Tucson parents and students could rely upon for professional house cleaning. The girls are celebrating their great grades by throwing a party, because they know that The Maid Connection will be there to tidy the place up for them.